Dogs Protest Outside The UN Calling for the International Convention to Ban Animal Testing of Cosmetics Worldwide

The world’s first dog protest aimed at ending a practice that harms up to 500,000 animals in cruel tests every year took place yesterday outside the headquarters of the United Nations in New York.

The protest, which included eight dogs of different breeds and sizes, was in support of Forever Against Animal Testing, a joint campaign by international beauty company The Body Shop and leading organization working to end animal experiments, Cruelty-Free International. The dogs took to the streets with protest signs, bandanas, and miniature banners to show their support.

Andrew Kelly, AP Images for the Body Shop

The Body Shop and Cruelty-Free International were joined by influential pet photographer TheDogist, who has previously supported the campaign in Canada and the U.S., and influential Instagram pet influencerLouboutina, “the hugging dog spreading love and cuteness in the big apple and the world.”

The protest was organized to highlight the shocking fact that 80% of countries worldwide still have no laws banning cosmetic animal tests and encourage consumers to support the campaign by signing the global petition.

“The protest sends a strong message to consumers and brands around the world that we need their support,” Michelle Thew, CEO of Cruelty-Free International said in a statement. “We have made huge progress towards our goal of banning animal testing for cosmetics, but there is still work to be done.”

Once the petition reaches eight million signatures, The Body Shop and Cruelty-Free International will present it to the United Nations, calling for the international convention to ban animal testing of cosmetics to protect millions of animals around the world. Last week, the organizations met with UN officials to progress discussions on this topic.

Having gathered 4.1 million signatures in the last six months, the petition is now the biggest ever against animal testing of cosmetics.

The Body Shop and Cruelty-Free International are inviting all companies that are against cosmetic animal testing to pledge support for the campaign and is supplying assets to help other companies and their employees get involved.

“We believe passionately in animal welfare and that animals shouldn’t be used for cosmetic testing. This unique protest is symbolic of our huge ambition for ending cosmetic animal testing globally,” said Jessie Macneil-Brown, Head of Global Campaigns for The Body Shop. “We are now calling on every person, every company, and every government to join our campaign, and help us finish what we started.”

In September 2017, The Body Shop was acquired from L’Oreal by Natura, the Brazilian-listed multi-national cosmetics company, which is cruelty-free and a publicly-listed B Corp. Both Natura and The Body Shop’s new sister company, Aesop, have also officially backed the campaign.

People can sign the petition expressing their strong disapproval of animal testing HERE!

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