Puppies Abandoned At Dakota Access Pipeline, Saved By Local Rescue


More disturbing news is being uncovered at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers weeks-long cleanup effort near completion at the main Dakota Access Pipeline camp, Oceti Sakowin.


The latest find among the estimated 240 dumpsters, filled with garbage including spoiled food, tents and other personal belongings, as estimated by the Bismarck Tribune, were two dogs and six puppies abandoned at the scene.

They marked the latest abandoned pets to be found amidst the refuse late last week by volunteers from Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue.

“It’s a mess down there, so it’s really, really hard to find these animals and get them,” said Julie Schirado who is one of many volunteers that has been working tirelessly to rescue any four-legged survivors that were left behind.

The cleanup comes just after President Donald Trump signed executive orders to advance the construction of the DAPL & Keystone XL pipelines.

The Dakota Access Pipeline approval is a major blow to activists and the Standing Rock Sioux known as the “water protectors”, who have protested along with thousands of environmentalists from around the world who were trying to stop the construction of the DAPL.

The reality is that many protesters have left and sadly some of the animals have been left behind. The dogs that have been rescued from the aftermath have suffered frostbitten ears and patchy fur as a result of being exposed to the brutally cold weather.
DPA Camp

The Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue plans to return to the camps every weekend should they have enough volunteers and are able to gain access, attributes the loud sounds of heavy machinery used to clean up the area as one of the factors making capturing the animals more difficult.

“If they stay with us, we help them find their forever home,” said Schirado. “If somebody has left the dog behind and they’re looking for that dog, we hope they’ll contact us so we can help them find their dog.

The rescue notes that they have had a couple cases of mange and problems with unclipped claws, “their first priority is keeping the dogs warm and fed, and making sure they are healthy.”


Source: Fox News 6

Photo Credit: WBBH NBC

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