Donald Trump Jr. Takes Trip To Hunt & Kill Prairie Dogs For “Fun”

It appeared to be business as usual for Donald Trump Jr. as he spent Friday and Saturday in Montana endorsing Republican Greg Gianforte for the state’s House seat in the 2017 special election; while also making time to hunt and kill innocent animals.

New York Daily News

This time, the boastful big game animal hunter set his sights on smaller prey as he participated in a black-tailed prairie dog hunt; a “species of concern” as per the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

“As good Montanans, we want to show good hospitality to people,” said Gianforte, a millionaire businessman and politician who previously lost his bid for Governor of Montana in 2016. “What can be more fun than to spend an afternoon shooting the little rodents.”

While WAN could compile a never-ending list of “what could be more fun,” such as going to the dentist and paying taxes, instead we defer to a recent New York Daily News article in which The Humane Society said “shooting the little dogs serves no purpose other than using them for a grisly target practice where ‘the animals can seem to explode or have body parts severed and sent flying.’”

Making the news of the hunt even more disturbing, is that it is currently breeding season for prairie dogs, which are members of the squirrel family, so the likelihood that some of those targeted and killed were pregnant, is high.

Many Montanans shrugged off criticism from the Humane Society and other animal welfare organizations.

“Clearly they’ve never shot a prairie dog,” said Gianforte referring to those condemning the hunt. “They don’t know how much fun it is.”

Though the number of prairie dogs has declined in recent years, they have not plummeted to the point that protective measures are required to manage their population.

Gianforte is running against Democrat Rob Quist, for the sole seat in the House of Representatives.

Sadly, regardless of who wins the election, animals will still lose as long as Montana remains a hunting-friendly state.

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