Donations & Forever Homes Needed For 53 Lhasa Apsos That Were Rescued From An Animal Hoarding Situation In NY

Photos from Susquehanna Animal Shelter

In another heartbreaking case of animal hoarding, a staggering 53 small breed dogs, the majority Lhasa Apsos, were rescued earlier this week in Cooperstown, New York.

On Tuesday, the Susquehanna Animal Shelter shared the news on its Facebook page, explaining that the rescued dogs were relocated to their facility where they were being assessed by staff and a veterinarian.

According to the organization, all 53 of these dogs were in need of immediate medical attention including but not limited to flea treatment and deworming, blood tests, vaccinations, spay and neuter, etc.

“Our staff and wonderful volunteers have been working all day to get these guys checked out and bathed. It is clear that they are so much more comfortable after being cleaned and lots of them are happily snoring and cuddling with each other,” Susquehanna Animal Shelter posted at the time. “Since we do not have room for all 53 dogs, we are working with other local shelters who are kind enough to take some in.”

Lhasa Apsos are spirited and devoted little dogs that are affectionate and make good pets. As per, these pups have a keen sense of hearing, and make good watchdogs. Lhasa Apsos also travel well.

The Susquehanna Animal Shelter an update yesterday noting that the Delaware Valley Humane Society and Heart of the Catskill Humane Society did, in fact, pick up some of the Lhasa rescues.

“We are so grateful for their help and for everyone else who has reached out to us. We know these guys are in great hands,” stated the organization which encouraged people to contact the Delaware Valley Humane Society and Heart of the Catskill Humane Society if they would like to inquire about adopting a Lhasa from them. “Our Lhasas are still being assessed and are not yet up for adoption, but we will update Facebook as soon as they are available.”

In the meantime, the shelter is requesting donations to help cover the expenses of treating and caring for the rescued dogs.

Monetary donations to the Susquehanna Animal Shelter can be made HERE!

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