Help Save Pigs Bound For Medical Lab Testing At The University of Missouri


An urgent call to action was issued yesterday in an effort to save pigs that are currently being rounded up for the University of Missouri-Columbia’s (Mizzou) next fatal emergency medicine residency training lab.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), which puts a new focus on health and compassion, stated in its appeal that “It is imperative that we shut down this lab before the next session begins… and more pigs die!”

The non-profit organization’s most recent plea follows on the successful heels of closing down hundreds of similar institutions nationwide including the University of North Carolina earlier this year.

Last year, the medical school at the University of South Carolina also succumbed to pressure after PCRM called for a federal investigation in August 2016 claiming that the program violated the Animal Welfare Act, which is contradictorily regulated by the USDA, by operating on pigs when alternatives are available.

According to PCRM’s website, the replacement of animal testing and animal experimentation with non-animal techniques often yields both ethical and technical advantages.

It also points to the serious ethical concerns that are raised by the use of animals in experimental studies, particularly when the animals are subjected to captivity, invasive or painful procedures, or toxic exposures.

“In addition to the ethical issues, the profound differences in anatomy, physiology, and genetics between humans and animals make animals poor models for humans,” notes the organization. “Results from research on animals cannot reliably be extrapolated to humans and in most instances, animals have been poor predictors for how humans will respond to drugs, treatments, or diseases.”

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