Eagle Scout Collects Cell Phones To Help Save The Rainforests


Barrington, ILLINOIS:  Joey Young’s Eagle Scout project is anticipated to help prevent illegal logging in the Amazon Rainforest.

Young, 12, plans to collect old cellphones, then will send them to an organization that will reprogram the phones to act as covert listening devices on alert for the sound of chainsaws.

The old cellphones will be placed high in the rain forest canopy in order to detect sounds, then will radio for police who will intervene and arrest the loggers.

TreeYoung found the organization Rainforest Connection several months ago and connected with their mission: “My mom is Brazilian and I liked the idea of helping the Amazon Rainforest.”

The founder of Rainforest Connection reached out to Young personally. Young plans to distribute 12 donation boxes at businesses throughout his community, and anticipates collecting 240 old phones.

If you would like to learn more and/or DONATE to Joey Young’s cause, please send an email to metricquartz@yahoo.com.  You can also VISIT Rainforest Connection’s Facebook page HERE.

Photos: http://tr3.cbsistatic.com

Source: Daily Herald


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