An Emotional Moment As Shannon Doherty Visits Rescue Dogs From China’s Dog Meat Trade



Actress and animal advocate Shannon Doherty, visits the Animal Hope And Wellness Foundation in Los Angeles as rescue dogs were arriving from the dog meat trade in Yulin, China. Her love and compassion for animals has not been diminished even though she is going through a very public battle with cancer. There were moments that moved her to tears, it was a very emotionally charged experience.


Marc Ching, founder of The Animal Hope And Wellness Foundation traveled to China and bulldozed a dog meat farm to the ground. He replaced the farm with a vegetarian restaurant and is helping the owners rebuild their business into something more compassionate.

imageThe rescue dogs from China are now arriving 10 at a time to Marc’s rescue and rehabilitation center. If you would like to help, please visit:

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Photo Credit: Sarah J. Hardt

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