Endangered White Rhino Rescued By Saving The Survivors

Our friend, Dr. Johan Marais was called to treat this very large, female adult White rhino, that had been shot in the head by poachers in Africa.

The attending vet, Dr. Me-lani Kuhler, monitored her while a team from Saving The Survivors took X-rays that revealed that the bullet thankfully missed the rhino’s vital structures.

The wound was cleaned and treated by the STS team and the female white rhino was then woken up by Me-lani.

The White rhino lifted herself up without any issues and trotted off to find her 8-month-old calf.

Incredible teamwork by Saving The Survivors, who jumped into action to save this beautiful endangered rhino and her calf.

“Saving The Survivors” – Creating Hope from Hurt – An ERP initiatve.

Source: Saving the Survivors

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