“Everything We Do Matters”


As director of the documentary, Give Me Shelter, which took three years to complete, I can confidently say I have learned a great deal about the varying issues in the animal world.  What strikes me as most important is to convey to you that the animal world is vitally interwoven in our own world.  Not only do we share the same planet, but the ripple effects of our treatment towards them travel to directly impact how we as humans live on a daily basis, thus crafting our ultimate future. I believe the current mainstream narrative passively suggests there is a separation between the two; however, this isn’t so. From puppy mills to the shelter systems, horse slaughter to the fur trade, tiger poaching to shark finning, etc., the unnecessary abuse they receive is such that we are destroying the fabric of our personal environment on nearly all levels.  Mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally we are all affected. It is believed the tremendous uprising of emotional disorders, physical illness, and general disruption of our overall happiness is greatly due to the lack of care we have for the world and voiceless living beings surrounding us.

Mirroring Newton’s third law: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, we are reminded that everything we do matters. Reforming our collective mindsets that the small steps we all take to heal our planet, help the helpless, and operate in a manner which benefits everyone is extremely important. Organizations that devote their time, energy and hearts to raising awareness and implementing programs for any and everyone to help by donating their own time and resources, no matter how small they may be, are crucial to solving these problems.

The wonderful news is most people do want to help, they often just don’t know how, and these outstanding organizations offer a way to do so. After the primary screening of our film, we noticed the common response from the audience was simply “I had no idea these things were happening.”, and, “I really want to help! Thank you for showing me ways I can.”  We are entering a time where more and more films highlighting these topics are emerging, and companies of all kinds are becoming more conscious of their role in the positive treatment of animals and the precious planet we live on, and though there is still much work to be done, the outlook is extremely hopeful.

By: Kristin Rizzo (Director of Give Me Shelter on Netflix)

Main Photo Credit: Gregory Colbert’s Ashes And Snow Exhibit

Human hand & Chimp hand: Mirror Daily

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