Exclusive $65 Million Dollar Pet Terminal Lands At JFK Airport In New York

The world’s premiere privately-owned animal terminal, the Ark Pet Oasis, has opened this week at New York’s JFK Airport.

The one-of-a-kind, 65-million-dollar project is designed to guarantee safe travels for up to approximately 70,000 cats, dogs, horses and other animals, per year. The 178,000 square feet facility operates 24 hours per day.

Food, drinks, micro-chipping and pick up services are among the many amenities currently available. Pending the approval by the United States Department of Agriculture, services may soon also be available during quarantine periods.

Scheduled to become fully operational by this summer, the Ark Pet Oasis will also feature additional equine, aviary, veterinary and grooming elements.

“Transporting live cargo by plane can be a complex and arduous process for owners and animals alike,” said the Ark Pet Oasis CEO John J Cuticelli who described it as streamlining pet travel, taking care of cargo requirements, quarantine and customs. “Our goal is to create a more efficient and safe process by reducing the need for additional travel and offering trained animal care staff immediately pre- and post-flight.”

The Ark Pet Oasis basic accommodation rates begin at $125.00; with additional upgrades, available such as “premium bedding and nightly tuck-in service” for dogs and “window perches in select bungalows” for cats. It also boasts a pet spa offering, among other luxuries, “hot oil treatments, mud paths, pawdicures and pet tattoos.”

Owners may also sign up to receive photographs and information of their animal’s activity.

According to the New Yorker, a group of Korean springer spaniel puppies’, travelling from Atlanta to Bangor, were debut guests to get on board.

News of the Ark Pet Oasis follows on the heels of last week’s opening of Catzonia, in Malaysia, which features spa and grooming services and temperature-controlled rooms as well as a “dating service.”

Source: The Telegraph

Photo Credit: upwarddog.co.uk



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