Farm Animals Have A Second Chance At Life At Vegan-Inspired Sanctuary In Las Vegas

Las Vegas Review Journal

Nevada-based One Family Animal Sanctuary has been enhancing the lives of abused, neglected and special needs farm animals since it was founded in 2014 by Rachel Roberts-Levy and her husband Avraham Levi.

The private sanctuary and 501(c)(3) public non-profit began as a “quest to serve as a safe haven for farm animals” in need, according to

Offering “a place of protection, love and a more peaceful way of life” to the animals, the dedicated vegan duo also work to raise awareness, primarily through schools, “that farm animals, just like cats and dogs, deserve to be loved and recognized as friends, not food.” One Family Animal Sanctuary also allows students the opportunity to develop connections to the animals firsthand.

One Family Animal Sanctuary

The organization strives to shift not only students’ attitudes, but everyone’s, against animal consumption and the use of animals in testing. Their goal is to lead people towards a more compassionate lifestyle where all animals are humanely cared for, respected and loved.

Las Vegas Review Journal

One Family Animal Sanctuary also recently expanded its community programs to include educating people about the responsibilities of pet ownership, spay and neuter programs, and reporting animal abuse.

The approximately two-acre North Las Vegas sanctuary currently serves as home to more than 50 rescued farm animals from Las Vegas and Pahrump.

While it does offer people the opportunity to adopt, foster and volunteer, its website clearly states that “the primary purpose of One Family is to provide lifetime care and sheltering of animals who, while still able to lead a quality life, are unable to find homes due to old age, temperament issues, chronic illness, handicaps, or other factors.”

Las Vegas Review Journal

Donations are vital to helping One Family provide food, shelter and medical treatment for the animals.

“They have no voice,” continued Roberts-Levy. “We have to be their light and their voice, and help them pull through these horrible situations so that they can go on to be confident, loving animals. This is why we continue making daily sacrifices to help animals in need, and they are worth it every single time.”

While One Family specializes in farm animals that have no other place to go, according to its website, it always tries to assist in the re-homing process of other animals as well.

“We look at each case individually to decide the best option for the animal,” it states. “If we can’t take it, we may be able to get you in contact with someone that can help.”

Please help spread the word about this remarkable sanctuary and consider making a Donation to help them continue helping farm animals in need!

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