Update! Pigs Rescued By Farm Sanctuary Deemed Healthy And Ordered To Be Returned To Owner

Farm Sanctuary

The pigs taken from an island in the San Joaquin Delta in California’s Central Valley earlier this week by Farm Sanctuary were ordered to be returned to their owner by the Sheriff’s department after the animals were found to be in good condition.

Although Farm Sanctuary removed the pigs with the permission of the Island’s owner, Martin Wong, Sgt. Carey Pehl confirmed in an article on recordnet.com that the six pigs do, indeed, belong to Roger Stevenson of Arnold, because they are descendants from the original pigs that he purchased.

Stevenson reportedly entered into an agreement with Wong to have the pigs reside on the island to help clear vegetation.

Susie Coston, Farm Sanctuary’s National Shelter Director, told CBS13 that the organization had received a tip that the pigs were in trouble, abandoned and starving. She explained that “all the group was trying to do is get them to a safe place.”

As reported by WAN at the time, the organization managed to transfer the pigs weighing up to 500 pounds each on to a boat and were then rushed to UC Davis Animal Hospital for examination.

Sacramento Bee

The goal was to nurse the pigs back to good health and to ensure their lifelong care because the organization had already secured loving homes through its Farm Animal Adoption Network (FAAN), a national farm animal rescue and refuge project to provide safe, permanent and loving homes for rescued farm animals.

FAAN is coordinated by Farm Sanctuary, and since it was formed in 1986, the project has provided a new lifeline to thousands of abused and neglected farm animals.

While this case did not end as planned, there have been and will continue to be many more rescues that are successful! More information and to donate to Farm Sanctuary’s Emergency Rescue Fund is available Here!

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