Female Bear Tragically Shot Dead After Escaping Enclosure At German Zoo


Another tragic story of a wild animal being shot dead at a zoo after escaping its enclosure in an attempt at freedom.

This time a female bear named Tips was killed after escaping her enclosure and entering a lion exhibit along side her brother names Taps.

The Osnabrück Zoo, in Germany, is where the tragic event took place today.

The bear’s brother Taps, was thankfully not killed as zoo staff were able to lure him back into his exhibit.

Dr. Michael Boes, The Osnabrück Zoo director stated that they were unable to use a tranquilizer dart because it would have taken about 20 minutes to work.

Sadly, in this circumstance, along with many others that happen to come just about every week now a days, the freedom that these animals so desire comes at a tragic cost.

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Source: Metro.co.uk
Main Photo Credit: dpa/Friso Gentsch

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