Five Baby Mountain Lions Discovered in SoCal


Great news for the survival of America’s mountain lions as new cubs were discovered by researchers in Southern California this past week.

Three females and two males have been ear-tagged and are being monitored.

The father of all five of the cubs is believed to be P-38 as indicated by his GPS locations, which show he spent multiple days with both mothers before the two litters were born. Scientists are taking genetic samples to determine paternity for certain.

P-35, the mother of two cubs, is about 6 years old and has been tracked since April 2014. Scientists believe her earlier offspring, P-44, did not survive. Her new cubs have been named P-48 and P-49.

P-39, the second mother, is about 5 years old, and has been tracked since April 2015. Her kittens are P-50, P-52, and P-51.

Jeff Sikich from the SoCal park service says that they have been studying mountain lions since 2002. “The real challenge comes as these cubs grow older and disperse, especially the males, and have to deal with threats from other mountain lions, cars, and the possibility of poisoning from rat poison.”

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