Five People Gored To Death During Appalling Bull Taming Event In India

Photo from The Hindu by G. Moorthy

A fifth person, a spectator, died yesterday during Alanganallur Jallikattu, a horrific bull taming event that is held annually as a part of the Pongal festival in Madurai, Tamil in India.

According to The Hindu, police sources said the 45-year-old victim was watching the controversial “sport” during which thousands of men in the state chase bulls to grab prizes tied to their specially-sharpened horns when the man was gored.

On Monday, one person was also killed in Palamedu, while two died in the Siravayal bull race. Another person also lost his life during the Palakurichi Jallikattu on Tuesday.

The decades-old event was banned by the Supreme Court in 2014 on grounds of animal cruelty, but the government reversed the decision last year after the state witnessed widespread protests.

Over the years, scores of people, including spectators, have been gored, injured, or trampled to death in the contests.

Despite many animal advocates stance that the spectacle causes unnecessary stress to the animals, the government maintained that the sport was important for the “survival and well-being of the native breed of bulls and preserving cultural traditions.” Really?

More lives, both human and animal, senselessly lost, for what?

Life is the greatest gift to any living, breathing being. It is shameful that people treat animals with such cruelty and disrespect!

End Bull Fighting & Bull Taming For Good!

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