Florida Man Rescues Dolphin In Distress Following Hurricane Michael & Shares Heartwarming Video On Facebook


Justin Squire saved the life of a dolphin that was trapped on a beach following Hurricane Michael, and he took to Facebook to share a video of the remarkable rescue.

“I saved a dolphin,” Squire shared on his Facebook page along with a smiling emoji. Some much-needed positive news that is sure to make people worldwide smile as well.

Earlier this week, Squire was with a group of people surveying the damage at the Indian Pass Campground in Port Saint Joe, Florida, when they came upon the struggling dolphin on the beach of Saint Vincent Sound.

Wasting no time, Squire jumped into action and the ocean to pull the dolphin out from under a boat ramp’s edge where it was lodged.

The compassionate hero then released the dolphin which appeared to be “OK” into the ocean where it quickly swam away.

WAN is sending thoughts and prayers to the dolphin and all of the animals and people affected by Hurricane Michael.

Justin, we appreciate and applaud you!

WAN will continue to share some remarkable Hurricane Michael updates and ways people can help those affected.

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