Four Paws International Rescues 9 Traumatized Wild Animals From Forsaken Zoo Near Aleppo, Syria

 Four Paws International

This morning animal welfare organization Four Paws International took to Facebook to share the latest update from its most recent high-risk animal rescue operation; this time from a zoo in war-torn Northern Syria.

“It has been an arduous but worthwhile journey towards a better future for the three lions, two tigers, two Asian black bears and two hyenas,” stated the organization in the post referring to the animals it rescued from Magic World, a neglected amusement park near the Syrian city of Aleppo, last Friday.

As per the update, the severely malnourished and traumatized animals are currently being cared for at a rescue center in Karacabey, following a grueling 24-hour road trip through Turkey.

“For the first time, these animals are receiving thorough medical examinations by experts working with sophisticated equipment,” posted Four Paws International which made sure to publicly thank American journalist, businessman and animal welfarist, Eric Margolis, who financially supported the operation with a generous donation.

Along with a team of local vets and security guards, the group entered the park on the outskirts of Aleppo three days ago.

This marked the second time Four Paws International has successfully freed zoo animals from a war zone.

Three months ago the group crossed the border in Mosul in Iraq to rescue a lion and bear.

The rescued animals from Syria are in a terrible state of health and urgently need medical support in order to survive.

Four Paws International is curently with the animals at a Turkish animal rescue centre where they will be receiving all of the medical care that they need.

As soon as the animals are back to a normal health status, they will be transfered into the Four Paws Sanctuary for big cats and bears where they will be provided with a lifelong species-appropriate home.

While thrilled about their latest success, Four Paws International plans to return to rescue more of the animals who are still trapped at the partially destroyed zoo in Syria.

Donations are urgently needed and can be made Here!

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