“Free Lolita” Protestors Gather At Miami Seaquarium On 47th Anniversary Of Orca’s Capture


Protestors are once again gathering outside the Miami Seaquarium today, on what marks the 47th anniversary of Lolita’s capture; demanding that the orca finally is granted refuge at a seaside sanctuary where she could interact with her family pod, including the whale believed to be her mother.

Tragically, after being taken from her family in Puget Sound, Washington, during a traumatic and violent hunt decades ago, Lolita has been trapped in the smallest orca tank in North America without protection from the sun and made to perform up to three times a day for visitors.

Arguing that she is at risk due to health problems, her extremely small enclosure, and loneliness following the untimely death of her companion more than three decades ago, the long fight to free Lolita has been sadly unsuccessful to date.

“At just four times her length at its longest point, with a maximum depth of 20 feet, Lolita’s tank is the size of a teardrop to her,” noted PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman in a statement. “PETA is calling on the Miami Seaquarium to dredge up a kernel of compassion and retire this sad orca to a coastal sanctuary, where she would, at last, be able to swim freely, dive deep, and communicate with her family members again.

However, as recently as March of this year, the Seaquarium issued a statement maintaining its position and plans to keep a “healthy and thriving” Lolita where she is.

As per the statement from general manager Andrew Hertz, “It would be reckless and cruel to jeopardize Lolita’s health and safety by moving her from her home of 47 years. Miami Seaquarium is not willing to experiment with her life in order to appease a fringe group. These individuals will never be satisfied with the care she receives.”

Appease a “fringe group?”

As if holding Lolita being held hostage was not reason enough to boycott the Miami Seaquarium…

As proud and committed members of the powerful, compassionate and mistakenly-called “fringe group,” WAN once again urges everyone to stay away from any organizations that exploit animals for entertainment purposes, and profit!

More information and ways that people can help save Lolita are available Here!

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