Giving Tuesday! “Peace 4 Animals”

As Peace 4 Animals looks forward to a new year of making a difference in the lives of animals in need, endangered, or at risk; we continue to promote the many benefits inherent to a plant-based lifestyle. It is also a special time to reflect on and share some of the significant contributions our non-profit organization has made during the current year. Thanks in great part to our compassionate and generous donors and partners.

We could not accomplish all that we do without the continued support from people like you!

Peace 4 Animals is so honored to announce that we are stepping into 2018 as a proud partner of the always-inspiring Dr. Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute. We can let you know that this collaboration is going to make big waves in the ever-growing plant-based community beginning in 2018.

Peace 4 Animals was extremely involved this year in not only protesting against the horrific dog and cat meat trade but creating change to put an end in the near future to the Yulin Dog & Cat Meat Festival in Yulin, China.

Peace 4 Animals also placed billboards in Los Angeles following the dog meat festival to remind people that they must continue to fight to end the Yulin Dog and Cat Meat festival once and for all, while simultaneously promoting veganism with our slogan Why Love One And Eat The Other?; comparing a dog to a cow in our various billboards.

Peace 4 Animals was also on the ground in Texas helping save abandoned animals through Austin Pets Alive following the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Peace 4 Animals and WAN founder Katie Cleary organized a group of volunteers that included actress Maggie Q and Simone Reyes.

Last week, Peace 4 Animals also contributed to the successful transfer of more than 60 dogs affected by the hurricane who were housed at a temporary shelter that was an abandoned grocery store that is scheduled to be under construction throughout December. Lucy Pet Foundation supplied vets on the ground including Doctor Karen Halligan to aid the animals suffering from malnutrition, deydration and other ailments. The collaboration was with The Rescue Train, Race For The Rescues, Standup For Pits Foundation, Austin Pets Alive & World Animal News.

Peace 4 Animals also had the pleasure of collaborating with vegan race car driver, animal advocate and environmentalist, Leilani Münter, as she reintroduced her ‘Vegan Powered’ race car at this year’s Talladega and Daytona races. In addition to sponsoring the car along with A Well-Fed World and World Animal News, Peace 4 Animals contributed to fulfilling Leilani’s goal to serve free delicious vegan food to the charged-up race fans and plans on doing it again next year.

Our most recent accomplishment took place days prior to the devasting Napa Valley fires. Fortunately, Peace 4 Animals was able to team with others to spare the life of Red, the cow, after hearing he was at a farm who was preparing him for slaughter.

Peace 4 Animals sponsored the rescue of Red and was among those that arranged for the transportation necessary to move him from Southern California to his new forever home at Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR) in Northern California.

Fortunately, Red was safe and secure with a foster family when the devastating Napa Valley fires happened and is now relaxing at his new sanctuary.

On the wild side, Peace 4 Animals & World Animal News is thrilled to support and partner with Damien Mander’s incredible organization International Anti-Poaching Foundation, to save the last of our Rhinos and Elephants from extinction in the wilds of Africa. Among its many contributions to the organization, as one of its main supporters, Peace 4 Animals is responsible for IAPF’s team on the front lines of the fight against poaching to receiving a new anti-poaching vehicle to catch the poachers.

Please consider donating to Peace 4 Animals on this #GivingTuesday HERE!

Today, tomorrow, or next week, your contribution will be greatly appreciated and be put to good use in our efforts to create a planet where animals and humans can coexist and live in harmony together.

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