Good News As Live Sunda Pangolin Saved At Jalan Airport In Malaysia

WAN is thrilled to share some much-needed positive news regarding the world’s most trafficked animal!

According to the Borneo Post, the Sandakan Wildlife Department came in possession of a live Sunda pangolin this week that a local man found at Jalan Airport in Malaysia on Saturday.

The animal, which is estimated to be approximately one year old, was found by Riduan Hassan.

“The Sunda pangolin will be sent to the Sepilok Orang Utan Conservation Center for further action before being released back to its habitat,” stated Wildlife Department officer Hussien Muin.

The protection status of the Sunda pangolin in the state has been upgraded from Part 1 Schedule 2 to a new status Part 1 Schedule 1, as a ‘Totally Protected Species.’

Under the upgraded status, hunting, consuming or selling pangolins for its parts is forbidden and offenders can face the maximum penalty as mandated by the Wildlife Conservation Enactment of 1997.

The department praised Riduan and felt encouraged that this story could help raise awareness in protecting wildlife such as the Sunda pangolin.

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