Grand Theft Fidos: Two Dogs Steal Owner’s Car, Crash Into A Walmart

Two dogs crashed into a Walmart in West Virginia after one knocked their owner’s car out of gear. The other dog apparently rolled the window down. Neither were wearing their seat belts.

An employee on break reportedly watched the car roll out of its parking space and creep slowly in her direction. The employee thought someone was playing a prank until she saw a dog in the driver’s seat.

The vehicle slowly inched along until it struck the Walmart building. The second dog, which was riding in the passenger seat, then rolled down the window (maybe to check out the damage?).

A dispatcher took the following notes gathered from witnesses: “Two dogs in the car. One knocked car out of gear. Other rolled window down.”

A Walmart employee paged the car’s owner who was presumed to be in her late 70s. She stated that she had left the vehicle running to ensure that the dogs had A/C during the summer heat. Although she had good intentions, this is another example why dogs should not be left unattended in a vehicle, even if the A/C is on.

Fortunately, the dogs were uninjured and there was little damage to the property or vehicle, so no charges were filed.

Source: USA Today
Photo: USA Today

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