Granny, The Oldest Known Living Orca, Is Spotted In The Pacific Northwest


The oldest known living orca in the world, Granny, 105, gave whale watchers off the coast of Washington quite a thrill when she made an unexpected appearance.

Granny has defied all odds, and her longevity has silenced those who argue that orcas live longer in captivity.

Granny is having a blast as she was seen swimming with members of her family off the coast of San Juan Island. Although she is formally known as J2, Granny has fascinated many orca advocates as she continues to thrive, even as a great grandmother.

Although seeing her is always a beautiful sight, orcas have yet to recover from the trauma of being captured for the purpose of entertainment since the 1970s. Their survival continues to face challenges and serious concerns, as threats such as toxic pollutants, as well as boat and traffic noise, continue to affect their stability and peace. In addition, there is a lack of their main food source (Chinook salmon), which is a severe threat to the 83 orcas that exist in the wild.

Advocates are taking action to prevent tragic consequences by pushing for the removal of dams in Washington, Northern California, and Oregon in order to provide orcas with more salmon.

Please SIGN our partner Care2’s petition urging lawmakers in Washington to remove the Snake River dams in order to provide these orcas with their main food source.

Source: Care2

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