Guggenheim Museum Under Fire For Exhibition That Features Animal Cruelty In The Name Of “Art”

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu’s “Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other,” a seven-minute video with eight American pit bulls on eight treadmills. Credit: Galleria Continua, San Gimignano, Beijing, Les Moulins, Habana Two

The Guggenheim Museum in New York has announced plans to feature Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World, a three-month exhibit beginning on October 6, 2017, which includes numerous instances of animals being cruelly exploited in the name of “art.”

One, in particular, a seven-minute video titled Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other has proven to be exceptionally controversial enraging animal advocates everywhere.

The questionable footage that was shot at a live 2003 “performance” in China features four pairs of American pit bulls tethered to eight wooden treadmills running “at” each other but prevented from touching one another. The innocent animals are tragically and inhumanely being trained to fight.

In response to the building pressure from animal advocates to pull the questionable “art” from the exhibit, the museum issued a statement on Thursday calling Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other “an intentionally challenging and provocative artwork that seeks to examine and critique systems of power and control.”

While acknowledging that “the work may be upsetting,” the museum, announced it will proceed with the exhibition as planned.

“The dogs get wearier and wearier, their muscles more and more prominent, and their mouths increasingly salivate,” notes a current petition that is garnering tremendous support.

Other examples mentioned in the petition include a video of an artist tattooing meaningless characters all over the bodies of two pigs, a boar and a sow, who were put on display, mating, in a museum exhibit in Beijing in 1994, as well as an exhibit featuring live reptiles, amphibians, and insects trapped in a glass enclosure for attendee viewing.

The petition aims to send a message to the Guggenheim that animal cruelty holds no place in art in the United States, nor should it anywhere in the world.

People can sign the petition which argues that this assault on animals in the name of art will not be tolerated or supported, HERE! 

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