Happy Birthday Dr. Johan Marais!

Happy Birthday to our friend Dr. Johan Marais who founded Saving The Survivors in Africa, to rescue Rhinos & Elephants from tragic poaching situations.

Saving the Survivors was founded in 2012 and has attended to the needs of any animal that survives a poaching incident, most of Saving the Survivors’ efforts have been directed towards rhinos, given the vicious attacks many of them have fallen victim to.

Due to the significant rise in poaching incidents – the number of victims are rapidly increasing. Many poaching victims have been given a chance of survival after undergoing various interventions and surgical procedures performed by the STS team. Most animals are treated in their natural habitat as transporting injured wildlife increases the risk and trauma experienced by these animals.

STS is fortunate to collaborate with world renowned clinical specialists, conservation groups and the unwavering support of the public.

Dr. Marais was the veterinarian who rescued HOPE the Rhino who was attacked for her horn. Thank you for your incredibly selfless work!

Learn How You Can Help Saving The Survivors HERE! 


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