Happy International Cheetah Day & Wildlife Conservation Day!

Every day is another opportunity for us to make a difference in this beautiful world that we share with so many other sentient beings.

From living a plant-based lifestyle to adopting an animal at your local shelter, there is a multitude of positive ways people can contribute to making this world a better and safer place for everyone and everything that calls this miraculous planet home.

Each year, on December 4th, people are encouraged to take a moment to better understand and appreciate the importance of wildlife, today marks both Wildlife Conservation Day and International Cheetah Day.

International Cheetah Day

Dr. Laurie Marker, the founder of Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF),  previously deemed December 4th to be International Cheetah Day; in honor of the birthday of Khayam, a cheetah she raised from a cub at Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon.

Dr. Marker with Khayam

According to the organization’s website, Dr. Marker brought Khayam to Namibia to determine if captive-born cheetahs could be taught to hunt. Their efforts were successful but, sadly during the trip, Dr. Marker witnessed African farmers removing wild cheetahs from the landscape as a perceived threat.

In 1990, she launched CCF and relocated to Namibia to mitigate the problem of farmer-cheetah conflict.

Fast forward to 2017 and the world’s fastest land animal is desperately racing against extinction amidst reports that over the past 100 years, more than 90% of cheetahs have been lost.

Horrifically, a mere 7,100 cheetahs remain in the wild, with numbers continuing to decline due to habitat loss and poaching.

International Cheetah Day is a chance to promote the importance of cheetahs and their conservation. Many people are now also showing their support on social media.

The International Cheetah Day website suggests people join the conversation on Twitter by using hashtags #Loud4Cheetahs, #SaveTheCheetah, and #IntlCheetahDay.

A Tweet Sheet, social media friendly images, and more ways to commemorate International Cheetah Day can be found HERE!

Wildlife Conservation Day

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton first named December 4th Wildlife Conservation Day in 2012 during the “Wildlife Trafficking and Conservation: A Call to Action” event that was held at the State Department on November 8, 2012.

Former Secretary Clinton outlined the White House’s strategy to address the global problem of wildlife trafficking which is estimated to be a $10-$20 billion dollar illegal industry every year.

The goal of Wildlife Conservation Day was, and remains, to encourage conservation, while raising awareness about the growing epidemic of the illegal trafficking of wild animals and endangered species including: elephants, tigers, and rhinos, and the urgent need to protect them from poachers and others whose main objective is to make a profit off of their parts or to sell them a pets on the black market.

Rivaled only by the illegal gun and drug trade, the ramifications of illegal wildlife trafficking are critical to this earth’s survival, as species are being killed into extinction.

“Wildlife cannot be manufactured. And once it’s gone, it cannot be replenished,” Clinton said at the time. “Those who profit from it illegally are not just undermining our borders and our economies; they are truly stealing from the next generation.”

On this day and every day, take the time to spread the word and educate others about wildlife. We can work together to help protect wild animals from pain, suffering, and ultimately extinction on this planet. Please share this article and be a part of the solution to save them.

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