Heart-Breaking News! Moose Drowns In Lake After Being Frightened By Crowd Of People In Vermont

Photo from the Lake Champlain Islander, Facebook

In another tragic case of human thoughtlessness, an innocent moose drowned in a lake over the weekend in South Hero, Vermont.

Wildlife officials believe that a crowd of people trying to take a photo of the frightened animal is most likely responsible for this unnecessary loss of life.

According to the Lake Champlain Islander, Fish and Wildlife said after a long and uncharacteristic swim across the lake, the moose made it onto land where it was trying to rest, but returned to the water where it subsequently drowned due to exhaustion.

“Best practice is to stay away from it. Keep your distance, don’t crowd the moose,” stated Vermont Fish and Wildlife Officer Robert Currier. “If a moose feels threatened, it’s going to respond by either leaving the area or it’s going to respond with aggression and, obviously, we don’t want anyone to be a victim of the latter.”

How many innocent animals have to die before people realize they are not here for selfies or to entertain humans?

As per the media outlet, the Grand Isle County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that the moose had been spotted earlier near the bike path in South Hero. When officers arrived at the scene, they found the moose drowning.

Currier explained that they were waiting for a boat to respond to try to assist the struggling animal, but sadly it did not arrive in time.

When the boat arrived, Currier went into the water and attached a rope to the moose to remove from the lake.

Wild animals should be left alone and if observed, they should be viewed from a safe distance that will not put either people or animals at risk.

In a situation like this, it is imperative that people use their phones to Call local Fish and Wildlife departments or a relevant organization, Not To Take Selfies!

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