Heart-Breaking News! Critically Endangered Sumatran Tiger, Pregnant With 2 Cubs, Found Dead After Escaping From Animal Trap In Indonesia

Photo by Rafka Majjid, Associated Press

Authorities have arrested a man in connection with the death of an endangered, pregnant Sumatran tiger, after it was caught in a hunter’s trap in the Indonesian province of Riau.

According to The Jakarta Post, officials announced the news this morning noting that the person of interest, identified as E, was detained by the Riau Natural Resources Conservation Agency (Riau BKSDA) last night.

The head of Riau BKSDA, Suharyono, told the newspaper that E, who reportedly works as a security guard for an oil palm plantation, admitted that he had set up traps in various areas, but that they were intended to catch pigs.

“I told E that he was supposed to wait around the trap to prevent other animals from being harmed if he actually wanted to catch a pig,” Suharyono shared with the media outlet. “If a tiger passed by, then he should shoo it away. What would happen if it was his kid instead who was trapped?”

If it is determined that E, is in fact, a suspect in this case, he could face 5 years in prison and a Rp 100 million (US$6,708) fine.

Tragically, the tiger estimated to be between three-and-a-half to five years of age, died as a result of the wire from the trap, causing the animal’s kidney to rupture.

The pain she must have endured is unfathomable, as she reportedly died days after escaping from the trap. A piece of the snare was also reported to be found still attached to the tiger’s body.

Another senseless death with enormous consequences, for what? Nothing. There is no excuse for this travesty.

As a result of this sickening trap, there is one less Sumatran tiger; or possibly three, including the cubs that she was set to give birth to in two weeks.

Sumatran tigers are the most critically endangered tiger subspecies, with only approximately 400 left in existence.

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