Heartbreaking News! Cecil The Lion’s Son Xanda Killed By A Cowardly Trophy Hunter

Xanda, Cecil the lion’s oldest cub, was just over six years old and had several young cubs of his own Bert Duplessis/Fisheaglesafaris.com

It is with heavy hearts that WAN reports that Xanda, the 6-year-old son of Cecil The Lion has sadly fell victim to yet another trophy hunter.

Tragically, the lion was wearing a research collar like his father but once again that was not enough to save him from a cowardly trophy hunter for a so-called “sport.”

The 6-year-old lion was shot outside of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, the same park that his father was lured from and shot outside of.

What is extremely upsetting and beyond comprehension to animal advocates everywhere is that authorities have claimed that the killing was legal.

Minnesota dentist, Walter Palmer who shot Cecil The Lion was found innocent of the crime after the controversial killing  because authorities determined that he was not aware that the hunt was illegal.

According to the Lions of Hwange National Park Facebook page, the lion was killed by Zimbabwe PH Richard Cooke; the same man that was responsible for the murder of Xanda’s 4-year-old brother in 2015.

The brothers are among the more than 60 lions that lost their lives to trophy hunters over the past 15 years.

Another heartless reminder of the callousness of trophy hunting and why it must end before these stunning species cease to exist.

R.I.P. Xanda. May your cubs live free and in peace protected from harm. May they be respected and charished like all lions and animals should!

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