Heartbreaking New Undercover Video Exposes Horror At Polish Fur Farm


As part of its new campaign to put an end to the fur trade, Animal Defenders International (ADI) released heart-wrenching new footage yesterday that presents a rare insight into an industry that kills more than 100 million animals a year.

Captured by hidden cameras that ADI placed on a Polish fur farm, the film titled A LIFETIME follows the brutal short lives of two foxes, brothers Borys and Eryk.

At less than seven months of age, Borys and Eryk are dragged from the wire cage which has been the only home they have known. As their sister, Aleska, watches her brothers are then hung by a back leg, electrocuted and their bodies thrown on a cart to be skinned.

Aleska is spared; she will breed next year’s foxes, her babies will be taken away from her and killed like her brothers. WATCH VIDEO

“Our film shows the lives of these intelligent, feeling individuals and the cruelty they suffer when treated like a product. Just because they are not like us,” said Animal Defenders International President Jan Creamer. “Playful fox cubs, Borys and Eryk, grow up in a small cage and die a terrifying and painful death for vanity and trinkets. This is the real cost of fur; when you buy fur, you buy cruelty, not beauty or luxury.”

Actress Joanna Lumley, who supports the campaign, agrees.

“Be comfortable in your own skin, and not that of a poor defenseless animal caged and killed to provide it,” stated the Absolutely Fabulous star. “Say no to fur and yes to helping these fashion victims. Please help ADI stop this brutal trade.”

Poland is the fourth largest producer of fox fur in the world, almost all are exported. ADI’s previous investigations of fur farms in Finland, the world’s largest producer of fox fur, have shown similar suffering and cruel deaths. The ADI team has also filmed inside farms in the United States and the UK; the UK banned fur farming but remains a major dealer importing and exporting fur.

Worldwide every year over 110 million animals are killed on fur farms, with more than 16 million trapped in the wild for their fur. Over 15 million foxes are killed in a year and up to 35 foxes can be used to make a fur coat.

Recently, products being sold as “fake” have been found to be real fur, perhaps unsurprising that an industry that treats animals as they do, would lie about it to fool the public into buying their cruel products.

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