Heartbreaking News! Beloved Runaway Cow In Poland Dies From Stress After Being Recaptured

Photos from Pawel Kukiz on Facebook 

Sad news from South Poland as WAN has learned that the heralded cow who has been swimming from island to island to avoid recapture after a heroic escape from a truck last month en route to a slaughterhouse, has died.

According to The News & Observer, the cow had reportedly been captured alive yesterday and was headed to a local governor’s farm when he apparently died in the truck from stress.

The owner of the cow, who had since decided he did not want the cow to be slaughtered, had been making sure the animal was well fed while on the run.

A well-known local politician, Pawel Kukiz, was also among those admiring the cow’s resilience and rooting for its survival, even, according to Yahoo 7, offering to fund a peaceful retirement for the animal he affectionately called “Hero Cow.”

“If all citizens could show such determination as this cow, then Poland would be a much more prosperous country,” he said, stating that while he was not a vegetarian, he was determined to save this animal’s life because it was invaluable. “Therefore, I have decided to do everything to get the cow delivered to a safe place, and as a reward, guarantee her a long-term retirement.”

“I will keep you informed,” Kukiz posted on his Facebook page.

Sadly, the post was dated February 16th, five days before the brave cow passed away.

R.I.P. “Hero Cow” Your Life Was Not In Vain

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