Heartbreaking News! Bengal Tiger Is Shot & Killed By Police In Georgia

A tiger named Suzy was shot and killed by police in the Atlanta area on Wednesday – Police Photos

Sad news out of Georgia where police confirmed that they shot and killed Suzy, a 6-year-old Bengal tiger, on Wednesday after she escaped from a truck that originated in Florida and was headed to Tennessee.

Suzy was killed after wandering along a major interstate near Atlanta, frightening the residents who live in a nearby subdivision.

According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources which issued an official statement, Suzy was shot after she “became aggressive toward pets in the area.” The department which determined it was a matter of public safety, claimed that the killing of Suzy was done “quickly and humanely.” REALLY?!?

Making the tragic loss even more heartbreaking is the fact that Suzy was a survivor of the now defunct Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus where she had been forced to perform for most of her life.

“We stopped in Georgia to feed and water the cats and for a quick rest break for the driver, and that’s where we believe the animal escaped and was later confronted by law enforcement,” said Stephen Payne, a spokesperson for Feld Entertainment, the company contracted to transport the tigers, which was said in an article in The New York Daily News.

Payne further explained that he did not know how Suzy managed to escape.

The driver reportedly was unaware that one of the animals was missing until the truck arrived in Tennessee.

Finally, free from of the circus that ended its 146-year run earlier this year, Suzy was en route to return to her European owner, animal handler Alexander Lacey, and a much deserved second chance at life. This is all truly heartbreaking.

Feld Entertainment previously owned Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus before it was permanently shut down due to ongoing pressure from animal advocates.

 R.I.P. sweet Suzy. May you finally find peace!

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