Heartbreaking News! SeaWorld Euthanizes Kasatka, Kyara’s Grandmother Following A Long Bout With Lung Disease


It is with heavy hearts that WAN shares the news of yet another tragic passing of an orca that had spent the majority of her life imprisoned at SeaWorld; this time its at their SeaWorld San Diego location.

The park announced late last night that at approximately 8:15pm, 42-year-old Kasatka, who was the grandmother of baby Kyara, who recently passed away at SeaWorld San Antonio, had been euthanized at Orca Encounter due to her worsening lung disease; a type of respiratory condition that has reportedly been identified as the most common cause of mortality and illness in whales and dolphins.

“Following lengthy treatment for a bacterial respiratory infection, or lung disease, Kasatka’s health, and appetite significantly declined over the past several days, despite continually tailored treatments. Kasatka’s veterinarians, who are experts in marine animal medicine, and her caretakers, made the difficult decision to humanely euthanize her to prevent compromising her quality of life,” noted the statement.

The matriarch of SeaWorld San Diego’s orca family, Kasatka, was a mother of four, grandmother of six and great grandmother of two.

Yesterday’s loss leaves only 10 orcas remaining at the park’s San Diego location, five females and five males, who, according to SeaWorld, appear to be doing well. SeaWorld now houses 21 orcas total at its three facilities.

Once again, the besieged park expressed that it was deeply saddened by the loss, “but thankful for the joy she has brought us and more than 125 million park guests.”

SeaWorld claimed that its veterinary team will conduct a full post-mortem examination to determine the extent of Kasatka’s illness and how it impacted her organ function.

Whether or not the findings of the necropsy will be made public by SeaWorld remains questionable as does its ongoing lack of transparency.

WAN implores SeaWorld to release all records, including Takara’s which it continues to withhold, in an effort to further understand and protect the remaining and future members of this much admired endangered species.

WAN does not support the captivity of any wild animals for entertainment or profit.

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