Heartbreaking News! The “Escape” Of 5 Big Cats & A Bear From A Flooded German Zoo Results In The Killing Of An Innocent Animal

Photo From TripAdvisor of a bear at The Eifel Zoo (not the bear that was killed)

The escape of two lions, two tigers, a jaguar, and a bear from their enclosures at a zoo in western Germany earlier today is yet another sad example of why wild animals do not belong in captivity.

Tragically, the bear paid for this sad incident with its life.

After a devastating flood hit the town of Lünebach, where the Eifel Zoo is located, the terrified animals went missing.

While the cats were all found hiding within their caged areas, the bear wandered off after the flooding destroyed the fencing around its enclosure on the 75-acre property which is home to an estimated 400 wild animals.

According to multiple news outlets including The Journal, officials shot the bear after finding him on one of the zoo’s public paths.

Why did they not tranquilize the bear?

If zoos feel that they are competent enough to hold wild animals captive in an unnatural environment, they should be better equipped to handle a situation like this.

Eifel Zoo

Instead, in this instance, an innocent wild animal was killed for acting like…a wild animal!

While it was understandably unnerving, the town had been on lockdown with authorities ordering residents to stay indoors and keep doors and windows closed.

Officials are now determining whether the other animals should be moved to another zoo while clean-up operations continue.

WAN prays that the other wild animals at the zoo are not hurt or killed due to the flooding or the bad judgment of zoo owners.

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