Help Needed! More Than 200 Neglected Animals Rescued From Deplorable Backyard Farm In Washington

More than 200 animals have been rescued from unfathomable and blatant cruelty and neglect at a backyard farm in Tenino, Washington.

Shocking photos of the abused animals and the conditions they were forced to endure are heartbreaking.

“This past Sunday our volunteers assisted the Sheriff’s Office with a seizure of animals in the Tenino area. Over 200 animals were removed from the property, one of the worst cases we have seen,” stated a post on the Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County’s Facebook page.

Twenty-four horses, 23 of which are miniature, and 10 goats are now in the group’s custody and donations are needed to help with the monumental expenses which are estimated to come to $15,000.00 alone for the first six weeks of care.

“All of the miniature horses have overgrown feet, some have not been trimmed for several years. They all need to be x-rayed before the farrier can begin work. All of them are in need of dental work that has been neglected for years and many are stallions so geldings will be soon to come,” HAROTC stated on its website. “All of this is going to be expensive!”

Also, as per the website, Animal Services took in dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds from the property while the Sheriff’s Office removed more than 200 chickens, turkeys, ducks, and doves.

“We are also covering the cost of caring for the chickens, turkeys, ducks, and doves at the holding facility which meant buying feeders, waterers, shavings, and feed,” the organization said in its plea. “These poor birds scrambled for the fresh water when it was placed in their pens. It’s hard to know how long it had been since they’d had fresh water.”

Some of the birds have been placed in foster homes while close to 150 more are being held in a secure location until more foster homes are found for them.

Information on how to become a foster for these poor animals is available HERE!

The owners, who should never ever be allowed to care for animals again, reportedly face 19 charges for second-degree animal cruelty with more counts pending on the outcome of the results of the investigation.

Donations can be sent by mail to HAROTC, P.O. Box 711, East Olympia, WA 98540, or online HERE!

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