Help Stop The Cruel Bureau Of Land Management Horse Roundups


The Bureau of Land Management (BLM)’s decade-long, tragic mass removals of tens of thousands of horses and burros from their legally-designated habitats has once again led to public outrage.

Although the Bureau admits that their program urgently needs reforming, it has simply taken no action, only working to pacify the public while the horses are quickly disappearing from our country’s landscape.

Our wild horse populations, as well as our bison, are dwindling rapidly. Some horse herds are reduced to unsustainable numbers, while approximately 50,000 are stockpiled into government holding facilities where they suffer from inadequate care.

Currently, there are no federal guidelines in place, nor an extreme weather protocol, to guarantee that the health of these horses is mandated in Code of Standards for equines in non-government situations.

The National Academy of Sciences released a scathing indictment of the Bureau’s wild horse and burro program in June of 2012, and called for a sweeping reform and recommended that the animals were left to stay in their native habitats.

By law, it is a crime to harass or kill horses on federal land. However less than 25,000 remain in the wild due to these endless roundups. If the Bureau continues at this rate, these animals will certainly face the prospect of extinction.

Steve Paige is working to raise awareness about the tragic roundups conducted by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM): “It’s disturbing how many young foals get lost and left behind in the BLM’s Helicopter Madness. Late in the day, a foal just apparently wandered into the trap area. Then in the morning, we saw another orphaned foal running along the side of the road.”

TAKE ACTION! Contact The Bureau Of Land Management HERE and urge them to stop these roundups NOW!

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