Your Help Is Urgently Needed! Russia Needs To Enact Animal Protection Law!



There is a hunger strike in Russia happening right now at the Russian Parliament asking President Vladimir Putin to enact the animal protection law that he has been “talking about” for 17 years!

Currently, “Russia doesn’t have a law that would protect animals from violence.”

Join Animal Rights Russia, World Animal News & Peace 4 Animals in the fight for a humane and civilized society that has a law that protects animals.

The review of the law has been postponed again and it should concern everyone. You can’t ignore the pain and suffering of these poor animals.

Please support this important law, contact President Vladimir Putin & the Russian Parliament Here:
☎ Тел: 8(495) 692-62-66 

The “law on responsible treatment of animals” will help make these positive steps:

• It will give animals the status of beings capable of experiencing emotions and physical suffering (right now they have the status of objects and belongings)

• It will protect animals from violent and cruel treatment

• It will forbid reduction of numbers of stray animals though killing

• It will forbid using animals to attack other animals (e.g. in hunting)

• It will set regulations for petting zoos

• It will make registration of companion animals obligatory.

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