Hero Baby Rhino Named Arthur Recovering From Machete Attack After Trying To Save His Mother From Poachers In South Africa


A 4-week-old baby rhino named Arthur is currently recovering from a brutal attack he endured while trying to defend his mother from poachers earlier this month at Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Sadly, despite his heroic efforts, his mother died and Arthur was left severely injured, not only physically but emotionally and psychologically as well.

Arthur was rescued by the Care For Wild Sanctuary and has been doing so well despite his injuries and the loss of his mother. He is cared for with round-the-clock love and attention from Petronel and the Care for Wild team, as well as some incredible volunteers.

Fortunately, a volunteer at Care For Wild, Liz Wilson-Chandler‚ a specialist wound care nurse and team member of Gift of the Givers‚ the largest disaster response non-profit organization of African origin on the continent, intervened to help the traumatized animal.

“It is understood that baby rhino’s die more commonly from emotional trauma rather than physical wounds, especially when they are separated from their mother”, Gift of the Givers explained on its website. “Arthur required tender loving care, a gentle touch, and an expert wound specialist to nurse him to health in a safe, secret and private rehabilitation environment.”

An initiative started by Michelle Potgieter, also a volunteer at the rhino sanctuary, to help Arthur has grown into one that is now able to assist rhinos in need throughout the country.

“Michelle’s initiative to help one rhino has had an amazing reaction. Wound dressings and medical supplies have poured in from BSN, Ligamed, Electrospyres, Acetily, Umzinzi Health and Safarnex,” continued the organization which reports that since the initiative to help Arthur was launched, it has been receiving calls for assistance from as far away as Namibia.  “We thank these companies. Surplus stock can now be used to assist rhinos in various sanctuaries throughout South Africa.”

The perpetrators who attacked Arthur and killed his mother have been apprehended.

Those wanting to support the project and those requiring assistance for traumatized rhinos can contact Michelle Potgieter 0767853437 or Liz Wilson-Chandler 0832590257.

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