Hero Firefighters Rescue A Doe & Her Yearling That Were Trapped In A Retention Pond In Georgia


Fortunately, Georgia seems to have been spared from the wrath of Hurricane Florence, despite the Governor issuing a State of Emergency last week; but local firefighters still had an important and noteworthy rescue to make yesterday.

According to a post on the Cherokee County Firefighters Facebook page, the department responded to an animal rescue call yesterday, where they found a deer and her yearling trapped in a large retention pond.

As per Battalion Chief, Shannon Gibbs, “the deer were trapped in a large retention pond approximately 50 yards by 50 yards surrounded by high walls about 16 feet at the lowest point and 30 feet at the highest point.”

Gibbs explained that after arriving on the scene, they requested the Technical Rescue vehicle to assist, while brave firefighters armed with several animal capture poles began to move down the wall and into the pond to attempt to rescue the deer.

With the aid of spotters around the perimeter of the pond, to help find the animals in the tall reeds and grasses within the pond itself, firefighters were successful in catching the larger deer, a doe, within approximately 15 minutes.

“We were able to calm the animal and placed her in a sheet and carried her to a corner of the wall for lifting,” explained Gibbs.“The doe was a bit thin and looked weak from her time in the pond.”

The doe’s yearling, proved to be a little more difficult to rescue; taking a minimum of 30 minutes to secure the frightened animal that was in three-foot-deep water.

The deer were subsequently transferred to the local animal control for care, and when healthy enough, will be released into a wooded area within the Cherokee County.

WAN always appreciates the courage and compassion of heroes who risk their lives to save the lives of others, people and animals alike!

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