Heroic Vegan Saves Pig From Slaughter After It Jumps Off A Truck In South Africa

Anyone who still eats meat is encouraged to watch the riveting video filmed after a compassionate yet shaken South African man rescued a little pig who jumped out of a truck while en route to a slaughterhouse.

Everyone who has already eliminated meat from their diets should also watch, and be proud!

The raw footage was captured after vegan advocate‚ Rekash Sinanin‚ stopped his car in the middle of traffic earlier this month in order to save a pig who was literally running for her life.

It was difficult for Sinanin, who said he was “at the right place at the right time,” to capture the “terrified” and “thirsty” pig.

Watch Second Part Of Video Here!

“Look at the eyes,” he said repeatedly. “Nobody will know what she went through.”

But an impassioned Sinanin explained that he knows the horror pigs bound for slaughter endure pointing out her mutilated teeth and educating others that if the pig is a boy, they remove his testicles, without sterilization, while the poor animal is still alive.

The pig, now named Babe, was brought to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Pietermaritzburg where she was treated for bruises and trauma.

“A raffle has been put together by local vegans with small businesses around South Africa and all funds will go to Babe’s transport‚ vet care and food at her new home‚ which will likely be Asher’s Farm Sanctuary‚” Anonymous for the Voiceless organizer Tara Aberdeen told Times Live.

Anonymous for the Voiceless is an animal rights organization that specializes in street activism.

Members employ direct action with highly effective public outreach using local standard-practice footage of what “food” animals experience every second of every day, virtual reality technology, succinctly informative resources and hardline discussions that close the deal.

Anonymous for the Voiceless

According to its website, the organization fully equips the public with everything they need to switch to a vegan lifestyle. It has held more than 877 demonstrations and convinced over 28,000 bystanders to take the needless violence in their diets and lifestyles seriously.

WAN applauds Rekash Sinanin, Anonymous for the Voiceless, and everyone who makes a positive difference in the lives of innocent animals every day as they raise awareness about the plight of factory farm animals and promote a plant-based lifestyle.

People can donate to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Pietermaritzburg HERE!

Donations can also be made to Anonymous for the Voiceless HERE!

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