Holiday Heroes! The Animal Sanctuary Critteraid In British Columbia Saves 3 Calves From Slaughter Just Days Before Christmas!

The spirit of Christmas continues for three baby calves that were rescued from slaughter and the heroes that saved them.

The then three-day-old calves, now named Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen, were rescued on December 23rd by a compassionate team of employees and volunteers at Critteraid, an animal sanctuary located in South Okanagan, British Columbia in Canada.

“Somewhere on a dairy farm in Abbotsford, someone recently had a change of heart and saw beings instead of business as usual. So instead of slaughtering a group male calves, who would be useless to the farm except to sell for veal, this person wanted to give them a chance at life if someone or someplace would step up to take them,” the nonprofit organization explained on their Facebook page, sharing that because the baby animals were taken away from their poor mothers, the calves require around the clock supervision, which includes bottle-feeding them every four hours.

Amy Sorrano of Okanagan Animal Save started a Go Fund Me Campaign to help Critteraid with the mounting bill of unexpected transportation costs, vet bills, bottles, and formula.

“Let’s spread the holiday spirit and come together as a community to pitch in and help save these babies and give back to the sanctuary who so graciously took on such an immense task,” Sorrano shared. The campaign has now raised $5,368.00 of its $7,500.00 goal.

In a heartfelt and inspiring message, Critteraid noted in its post that, “People believe in our cause and our efforts for a reason. We WANT to help! Their lives matter! The world is bigger than just us.”

“Times like these, it takes a village to give life and hope to these creatures, but it’s not in vain. The world must continue to evolve into a more compassionate and conscientious one,” stated Critteraid. “These sentient beings deserve better than what they’ve been given, and we hope to inspire all to consider what you can do as individuals to make changes in your life that improve animal welfare and alleviate their needless suffering.”

Well said!

Adopting a plant-based diet is a powerful and healthy way to make a difference in the lives of animals!

Donations can be made to the Critteraid Go Fund Me Campaign HERE!

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