Honoring Machli, India’s Most Famous Tiger Passes Away At 19

Machli, the longest surviving tiger living in the wild in India, died on Thursday after being critically ill for more than a week. People came from all around the world to see Machli, she was the star at Ranthambore National Park, in north-west India. She was one of India’s most famous tigers who has also appeared in many wildlife documentaries highlighting the plight of wild tigers.

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According to Tigerwala, a team of veterinary doctors and forest officials were monitoring her condition for the past week to see if her symptoms were improving. Veterinarians believe her symptoms were from old age.

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Machli gave birth to eleven tiger cubs in 19 years and was the most-photographed tiger in history. It is amazing that Machli lived such a healthy long life in the wild, as wild tigers only live on average from 12-13 years. She was also famous for her fight with a 14-foot-long crocodile which earned her the name “Queen of Ranthambore.” Many people would visit the park just to see Machli living in the wilds of India. RIP to another angel, Machli!

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Source: The Indian Express

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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