The Horses Of Puerto Rico Need Urgent Help!


West Coast Ecuestre is asking for urgent help for the horses of Puerto Rico. They need donations of feed and vet supplies to be distributed in western Puerto Rico.

Right now the horses on the island are facing a desperate situation. Hay fields have been destroyed and production has halted. Two of three feed manufacturing plants have been destroyed and the final has no supplies to produced grain (at last report).

Shipping is very tricky due to the port situations. The problem of stray, abandoned and neglected horses are sure to skyrocket out of simple desperation.

Per West Coast Ecuestre, they have been told of cargo drops of feed in the Virgin Islands and Vieques by the Humane Society, but despite their attempts to encourage them to do the same on the big island, the requests have fallen on deaf ears.

The racetrack near San Juan has received some support via private rescue associations who successfully transported a cargo plane full of supplies on the island. However no one is fighting for the common horses all over the rest of Puerto Rico.

One of the hardest things is finding transport of large quantities of aid and feed to the island. Thanks to the wonderful efforts of the privately funded Puerto Rico Relief Community, there are relief flights flying twice weekly to Aguadilla.

Donations of feed and vet supplies brought to their wherehouse in the Miami area will be divided amongst the municipalities and distributed accordingly.

They are also looking for volunteers to help pack pallets.

Donations Can Be Made Here:

6200 102 NW 102 nd Avenue
Doral, FL
Open from 9am-9pm 
Contact name: Ivonne Sanabria 

Via: West Coast Ecuestre

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