Hot Dogs Are Beating The Heat In The Coolest Way At Indoor Snow Center In Manchester, England!

Photos from Chill Factore, Facebook

Some of the coolest dogs in the world had the opportunity to escape the heat recently courtesy of an indoor ski slope and snow center based in Manchester, England.

Following a warning from the RSPCA that dogs across Britain are especially at risk during the current heatwave, Chill Factore offered refuge from the sweltering temperatures to four-legged family members at its designated Canine Chill Zone.

“We welcomed several panting pooches from as far away as Liverpool to our doggy ‘Chill Zone’ last week to cool off from the heat wave. We were overwhelmed by the number of owners who took the opportunity to get their furry family members out of the heat and into a safe, cool place,” noted a post on Chill Factore’s Facebook page. “The safety of our pets in the hot weather is a serious issue, and they certainly enjoyed ‘chilling out’ in the snow!”

More than 100 dogs reportedly participated in the second event of its kind that benefited local non-profit Care for the Paw.

Plans for a third Chill Zone have yet to be planned, but Chill Factore assured people they would share any updates on their website and social media platforms.

As per the RSPCA, they have responded to more than 600 emergency calls over the past two weeks about dogs suffering in the heatwave.

Unfathomably, despite all the warnings against it, some people are still leaving their poor dogs to suffer in hot cars around the world. If a dog dies, as a result in Britain, the animal’s owner may reportedly face six months in prison and an unlimited fine.

According to the RSPCA, if you notice a distressed dog who is panting or drooling excessively, uncoordinated, lethargic or collapsed and vomiting, call 999 immediately.

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