Yet Another Slaughterhouse Transport Truck Overturned In The UK; Make The Connection & Leave Animals Off Of Your Plate


It is with heavy hearts that WAN shares the news that more innocent animals have lost their lives after a livestock transporter recently overturned in the UK. But, that is only the beginning of a much larger story that needs to be addressed worldwide.

According to the Avon and Somerset Constabulary, officers responded to an early morning call that a lorry driver was injured and 190 pigs were trapped in a transport truck in the UK.

The statement proceeds to assure the public that a vet arrived at the crash site as soon as possible and was “consulted to ensure the animals’ welfare at all times.” Then why are they still going to be sent to slaughter?

The lorry driver, who reportedly sustained non-life-threatening injuries, was transferred to a hospital while “the livestock could be safely released, treated and transferred to another transporter.”

“This is still ongoing and sadly some of the animals have died,” concluded the statement which notes that this was ‘a distressing incident for everyone involved.’ “Decisions have been made to prevent further incident or injury to members of the traveling public with animal welfare in mind.”

It doesn’t seem like anyone really had the welfare of the animals in mind especially if they’re still going to be sent to slaughter and not to an animal rescue.

How is it that some people deem animals, such as these highly intelligent and gentle pigs, perishing in an accident worse than being intentionally and brutally slaughtered for their meat?

May this story serve as yet another tragic reminder for people to make the connection to what is on their plate and leave animals off.

There are many delicious plant-based alternatives available today making it easy to make the switch and stop contributing to this horrific cruelty.

You can help all animals by choosing compassion on your plate. #GoVeg

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