Idaho Teacher, Robert Crosland, Unfathomably Cleared Of Animal Cruelty Charges After Feeding Live Puppy To Snapping Turtle

In a decision that defies any sort of logic or rational thinking, middle-school teacher Robert Crosland has been cleared of animal cruelty charges after admitting that he fed a live puppy to a snapping turtle last year.

As previously reported by WAN, the shocking circumstance took place in March of 2018 at Preston Jr. High School, approximately 300 miles east of Boise, Idaho. It was there, on March 7, 2018, the once-revered now-controversial biology teacher failed miserably by not only feeding a helpless puppy to a snapping turtle, but did so in front of several students; a horrific occurrence that was described in a statement by Preston School District as a “regrettable circumstance.”

His pathetic defense was that after his son reported that the puppy had not eaten in two days, Crosland determined that it was sick and going to die anyways, he then proceeded to feed the puppy to a snapping turtle. Unbelievably sick!

Was a veterinarian even consulted to determine the puppy’s health? Most-likely NOT. There was seemingly never any mention of that in the released reports or testimony.

Unfathomably, a panel of six jurors delivered the not-guilty verdict after deliberating less than 30 minutes following the two-day trial in Franklin County.

“While we are outraged and saddened at the grievous error in judgment by the jury in this case, sadists who perpetuate acts of violence against helpless animals would be foolish to be emboldened by this recent and anomalous miscarriage of justice,” the Idaho Humane Society warned in a statement. “This travesty does not create any new precedence for allowing cruelty, but rather, will undoubtedly serve as a rallying cry for those who care passionately about the welfare of animals to renew their efforts in communities throughout Idaho, to ensure vigorous enforcement of our cruelty laws, and to improve these laws both at the state level, as well as locally.”

The organization also stated that this verdict will bring both national and international condemnation of Idaho’s laws, and the reputation of Idaho in general.

What about other states and countries?

Crosland and animal abusers everywhere need to learn the lesson once and for all that animal cruelty and animal abuse is never acceptable under any circumstance. The lives of animals matter as do the lives of humans. Like humans, animals are sentient beings who feel pain and sadness among many other emotions.

Imagining what that poor puppy must have been feeling and experiencing in the “teacher’s” quest to feed him to a snapping turtle is absolutely sickening.

Crosland first unsuccessfully attempted to feed the innocent puppy to the classroom’s python, but apparently that did not work. Instead of opting to take the sick animal to a vet for an exam, he let the puppy suffer. He should be prosecuted again in front of a proper, compassionate, educated jury, so that justice can be served and the puppy’s life will not be taken in vain.

According to the Idaho Statesman, the students who witnessed the killing stated that the puppy tried to swim but was pulled underwater by the turtle, which then waited until it stopped moving to consume it. Sickening!

How is any part of this travesty NOT considered animal cruelty?

The following information for those wanting to share their disgust that Robert Crosland is still allowed to “teach” kids at Preston Jr. High School is below. Justice Must Be Served!

Preston Jr. High School Facebook page or phone (208) 852-0751.

Preston School District phone number is (208) 852-0283.

PLEASE ALSO EMAIL Superintendent

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