Breaking! India’s Largest Poaching Kingpin, Sabar Ingleng Arrested!


Major news in the worldwide fight to save endangered Rhinos. One of the largest rhino poaching kingpins, Sabar Ingleng was arrested today from Karbi Anglong.


Sabar was taken in by the Assam forest department and police task force in India. His arrest may provide a much needed wake-up call against poaching in the region.


Poaching has been a huge issue in Kaziranga, this year 14 rhinos have been killed for their horns. Sabar alone has killed at least 20 rhinos in last 4 years.

imageIn a statement by Peace 4 Animals: “He was one of the leading threats to the rhino species and needed to be taken down.”


In Kaziranga, The treacherous terrain, proximity to the border and huge demand of rhino horns in the black and grey market has been a challenge. Despite the challenge, every year we are loosing more and more of these previous species to poaching.image

The sentencing of Sabar will help authorities obtain much needed information about poaching syndicates and significant international contacts, that are needed to save the last of the wild Rhinos for extinction.


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