Actress Ali MacGraw Fights To Save Animals From Roadside Zoo

Photos from PETA

According to reports, avid animal advocate and Academy Award nominee Ali MacGraw has run out of patience…and WAN couldn’t be more pleased!

The multi-talented actress, longtime PETA supporter and New Mexico resident, recently sent a letter urging city officials to move suffering animals, including two mountain lions that have been deemed overweight and two bears with hair loss, away from the run down Spring River Park & Zoo, which is operated by the city of Roswell and into forever homes at reputable sanctuaries.

“These intelligent animals are far-ranging and need vast spaces in which to roam, climb,” she wrote in a personal letter addressed to Jim Burress, superintendent of Roswell’s Parks and Recreation Department which manages the zoo which greets its website visitors with an offer to escape “the techno world” to reconnect with our planet.

“Won’t you please retire them to an appropriate facility… where they could live in a far more natural environment? It would mean the world to me and, more importantly, to these animals, who deserve better,” MacGraw concluded with the distinctive class, integrity, and finesse that has helped define her remarkable decades-long career. “Thank you for your attention to this important matter.”

PETA has repeatedly offered to assist in the relocation at no charge to the city.

More information, as well as a petition urging that they are moved to safe sanctuaries, is available Here! 

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