Inside Safari Club International’s Sickening Annual Convention For “Trophy Hunters”; The Senseless Killing Must End!

Photo by WAN

Sadly, last weekend Safari Club International held its highly-controversial annual convention promoting the ruthless killing of defenseless animals, including endangered species, with guns, bows and arrows for so-called “sport.” Isn’t a sport considered to be a game that both parties know they are playing?

Photo, 2019 SCI Facebook 

Taking place in Reno, Nevada, the surreal scene played out again with haunting images reminding WAN of the travesty we attended last year in Las Vegas, one that included: endless displays of endangered dead animals, deplorably deemed “trophies” by some; a wide array of easily accessible guns and ammunition; fur coats with the faces and feet of animals still attached; and wildlife outfitting companies that prey on “hunters” with pathetic “opportunities” to kill endangered and threatened species for obscene amounts of money. All this and more senseless violence taking place amidst a flurry of men, women, and horrifically, some children.

“After walking into the Safari Club International Convention in Las Vegas last year, the feeling of shock and anxiety was overwhelming.” The glorification of killing some of the world’s most beautiful species on the planet was on display in such a shocking and heartless manner, we have to do something to end this travesty once and for all,” said President and Founder of Peace 4 Animals and WAN, Katie Cleary.

“As we looked around at the massive crowd of 20,000 plus attendees, we couldn’t help but wonder if we were on a different planet and what the method to this madness was? Some of what the world would consider the most endangered species on the planet were on display, along with others that are listed as vulnerable species and on Appendix I of CITES, such as: Snow Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos, and others like African Leopards, Polar Bears, Wolves, African Lions. Many other stunning species which were senselessly killed, were also stuffed and put on display, others were said to be realistic replicas.”


Above three photos from WAN at SCI 2018 Convention in Las Vegas 

Then there are those who falsely-claim hunting is for “CONservation,” which is clearly not the reason why many sub-humans at the Safari Club International Convention hunt. It’s sadly for the sick “thrill” and so-called “sport” which must end.

“Trophy hunters say they care about conservation. Ask any trophy hunter if they will take the $50,000 they were going to spend on a killing expedition, forgo hunting, and donate the monies directly to legitimate conservation efforts. When they decline, you’ll have a full understanding of exactly how much trophy hunters actually care about conservation.” Carrie LeBlanc, Executive Director of CompassionWorks International, stated on the organization’s Facebook page, while sharing appreciation for the thousands of people around the world that have or will participate in the 2019 Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting – WRATH.

Many cities and countries around the world are taking a stand against international and domestic trophy hunting, join the rallies: Buffalo, New York on January 20th; Houston, Texas on January 25th-27th; Bloemfontein, South Africa on January 26th; Portland, Oregonon February 23rd; and Toronto, Canada sometime in March. More details can be found HERE!

Photo from CompassionWorks International, 2019 Protest in Reno, Facebook

For years, people from around the world have been speaking out against animals being killed by trophy hunters. The death of Cecil The Lion in 2015 created worldwide outrage with animal advocates promising never to forget and to never, ever, to stop fighting for justice for all animals who have their precious lives cut short by wealthy, ego-driven individuals, who consider killing them “fun.”

Join Us To Put An End To Trophy Hunting!

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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