International Animal Rescue Saves Two Baby Orangutans From Online Traffickers

As per, IAR’s q rescue team in Ketapang is currently caring for two baby orangutans rescued in a raid by the Rapid Response Unit conducted by police from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) in West Borneo.

The two orangutans, a male of about a year and a female of about eight months old, were found packed up in tiny cages, ready to be sent on to a buyer. They are currently being rushed to the IAR centre for urgent treatment and care.

IAR’s vet has reported: “The general condition of the two orangutans is not bad, although both are dehydrated and suffering from severe distress. One of them is rocking back and forth – this is an abnormal behaviour presented by animals in extremely stressful conditions.”

A man has been arrested for the illegal trafficking of wildlife in direct transactions and using online social media sites. A full investigation is currently under-way, as he is believed to belong to an international wildlife trafficking syndicate.

Before being captured and sold, these babies were torn from their mothers who are very likely to have been shot dead whilst trying to protect their infants. The illegal trade in orangutans is still one of the major threats to the orangutan’s survival.

The two new arrivals brings the total number of orangutans in IAR rescue centre in Ketapang to 111.

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