Today Is International Whale Shark Day! WAN Talks With Marine Expert & Conservationist Shawn Heinrichs

Today is #InternationalWhaleSharkDay! A day that was created to help bring awareness to these gentle giants.

WAN talks with Shawn Heinrichs about the plight of Whale Sharks in Mexico.

With their numbers declining due to the demand for their meat and fins, as well as bycatch and plastic pollution, this beautiful species is now listed as Endangered and is at risk of extinction.

Whale sharks are protected in many countries these days, but sadly, they continue to be caught by unregulated fisheries.

According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Whale sharks are the largest shark, and indeed the largest of any fish species alive today. They feed on plankton and travel long distances to find enough food to sustain their massive size, and to reproduce.

It’s important that we support organizations that are working tirelessly every day to protect our marine life and ecosystems.

Blue Sphere Foundation, which was founded by Shawn Heinrichs, travels around the world and addresses issues where there are urgent threats and critical resource gaps. They bring art and activism together to raise awareness and inspire action to keep our global marine environments healthy.

Please donate to Blue Sphere Foundation who works to safeguard our planet’s oceans, halting the destruction of threatened marine species and habitats. Donate Here!

You can help all animals by choosing compassion on your plate. #GoVeg

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